Right Good is Karolyn Timarkos and Vincent Porter.

Karolyn Timarkos

Karolyn started her working life as a newspaper compositor, journalist, and photographer before moving into graphic design, communications, and marketing. After heading to Australia to go for a cruise on the Fairstar, she ended up working on a variety of cruise ships in various roles.

On returning to land, she continued to travel and worked in a range of tourism and hospitality organisations for many years. During this time she was always asked to write instruction manuals, training manuals, and other business documentation for her employers.

Returning to New Zealand after 15 years overseas, she pursued a career as a technical writer, instructional designer, and website designer. She brings to Right Good a combination of her writing talents, and the project management and administration skills she honed during her years in hospitality and tourism.

Karolyn is the author of two young adults fantasy novels, Keeper of the Atlas and Twin Heirs of the Propehcy, and runs the children's website Little Peppe & Friends. She has self-published a guide to self-publishing My Artist is a Fruit Loop, and runs classes on self-publishing. She also teaches people how to write winning CVs and cover letters for job applications.

In her spare time she listens to world music, tries to surf, and watches a lot of sci-fi.

Vincent Porter

Vincent rebuilt various cars and motorbikes from a young age, and then acquired more in-depth skills in electrical and mechanical theory and practice in a workshop. He has diverse experience with many different systems and specialised as a small engine and chainsaw mechanic before changing career direction to more hands-on work in renovating houses. During this time he refined his skills at carpentry and woodworking, and expanded his electrical knowledge to include residential wiring.

In recent years Vincent has moved into the fields of technical writing and instructional design. He brings to Right Good invaluable skills in understanding specific styles of writing and a high degree of accuracy when dealing with formal literary systems. He has helped many university students to refine their writing skills, and helped international students to understand their subjects under the English language.

A highly skilled editor and proof-reader, Vincent is also proficient at working with SMEs to distil their years of experience into transferrable knowledge.

Vincent also runs Judea Tech, a computer service and repair business.

In his spare time he keeps up with online gaming, enjoys building with wood, spends time crafting toys with his nieces, and watches a lot of sci-fi.